Automatic Ball Launcher Reviewed: Ifetch Too

Great shot of dog during our ifetch too review

Fetch currently runs three products that are all created to allow dogs to play fetch. The iFetch Too uses the standard size tennis balls and is a model that targets the medium to large sized breed dogs. However, it also works for any dogs that enjoy the regular types of tennis balls.

The iFetch Too is simply a large bowl which shoots out tany tennis ball that is thrown into the top. The distance that the balls are thrown is adjustable to match up to the size of the yard or the dog. The idea behind this device involves teaching a dog how to fetch a ball and then bring the ball back as well as throw the ball back into the bowl. The device then instantly fires the ball again, which encourages the dog to give chase. The game carries on until the dog stops returning the ball.

The game of fetch is regarded as an excellent workout for dogs. This form of exercise trains the dog’s muscles along with their speed and coordination and agility. It also offers a way to burn off significant amounts of energy that keeps the dog in shape and energetic. Most dog owners agree that they enjoy ensuring their dogs obtain regular workouts and the iFetch Too is a machine that offers:

  • Getting the pet to place the ball into the bow
  • This device shoots the balls reliably

What To Expect From The iFetch Too

The iFetch Too can be ordered online and is shipped within a few days. The box contains the machine, tennis balls and the quick-start guide. The setup is simple and only requires turning the device on and placing one ball into the top. The balls are shot out at speed, which means it is advisable to test the machine outdoors in an area away from windows or any breakables.

The First Try

When trying out the iFetch Too, the dog owner needs to test whether their dog will chase after the ball. In most cases, dogs that are used to catching balls will immediately run after the ball and bring it back to their owner. The next step involves training the dog to place the ball back into the bowl.

Training The Dog

Now most people that know anything related to dog training are well aware that consistency is a major factor. Dog owners need to know that training their dogs to put the ball into the machine will take consistent time and effort. Most customers who have left reviews on the product say that it takes a few weeks for their dogs to catch onto the training.

The ifetch too automatic ball launcher confused this dog

Sit Back And Relax

Once the dog has mastered the game of fetch and can place his or her ball back into the machine, this is the type of game that can be used on a daily basis. This kind of exercise results in a more relaxed dog as well as improvements in the dog’s physique and fitness.

Consumers who have invested in this product have mentioned that their dogs have become much easier to deal with and handle because the dog can spend their energy on a regular basis. Most agree that the iFetch Too has made their lives easier and that their dogs are more relaxed and healthier. Read more about this in the Ifetch too review on the smart pet toys website.

It is important to realize that each dog will be different, which means some may learn faster than others. However, in most cases, the investment is well worth it. This applies especially to the dog owners that prefer to sit and enjoy watching their dog play.


During testing out the machine, most customers mention that it works without any hitches. However, its necessity to clean out the wheels from time to time, as the saliva begins to accumulate. Also, the machine keeps up with the claims of shooting the balls to a distance of 40 feet. However, for the dog owners that is in search of the ball throwers that can shoot further than 40 feet, it advisable to take a look at some of the other manufacturers on the market.

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